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Events add life to snowparks, help building up a park scene and offer interesting content for media. We separate pro-events from public events. Pro-events usually generate a significant media output and can be set as highlights of a season. Public events integrate the park scene and can be seen as additional service to the daily park business. Mellow events can be found in many well known winter sport resorts.

Public Events

Photo shoots and coaching sessions increase the attractiveness of the daily park offer. Those kinds of events attract the “normal” snowboarder or skier, who wants to get good park photos or would like to improve his or her riding level. Examples are the “Progression Session Weekends” or the “Spring in the Park” event. Mellow organizes professional photographers and/or coaches and handles the entire promotion and execution.

Pro Events

Events like the Roxy Chicken Jam in the past and Spotival in the present are international event highlights that can attract a significant amount of people and media exposure. Pro-events can also help with positioning an area/resort in a certain demographic segment. Mellow has experience with holding events in some of the world’s top winter sport resorts.