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To offer a snowpark is one thing, to communicate it efficiently is another not less important part! Through 10 years park and event experience Mellow can offer excellent contacts to core- and mainstream media. Besides classic PR-services we meanwhile offer the creation of special park websites, web2.0 resort appearances and internet content distribution. In all our services we speak the language of the kids riding in your snowpark!


A park website is the perfect channel to build up or maintain the dialog with the park community. Posting of pictures and videos. park presentation, park news and the interactive dialogue between park users and shapers are some activities that will happen here. Also very important is the appearance on social networks like Facebook, Youtube etc. Mellow knows which media channels young snowboarders and skiers are using for their communication.

Snowpark Guide

The Snowpark Guide is a yearly print magazine that features the best 25 to 30 parks of the Alps on a double page spread. On top we offer all guide partners an online appearance on www.snowparkguide.com. Picture and video galleries, a complete event calendar and the most important links to the mountain’s and tourist infrastructures websites.


Flyer, sticker, online banner or a newsletter, no matter which tool you want to use to approach the park community, it is always essential to find the right design and a credible  language. Our event experience for top brands allows us to offer this service also directly to specific mountains and regions.

PR and Media Work

Through events like the Snowpark Tour and the Roxy Chicken Jam Mellow has built up excellent contacts to print and online media as well as to regional and international TV stations. More focus has to be put on the distribution of online content e.g. park-videos, pod casts etc. in the future.

Download case study 'Media work with online video & web 2.0'