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Park Constructions

Most winter sport resorts meanwhile offer a snowpark. But do they offer a park that fits their client’s needs? Is it a park for professionals or one for intermediate riders and families that makes sense? Once the park target group has been identified, the resources for the successful implementation for a park project have to be examined. Mellow offers project planning and the necessary realisation qualifications.


The right planning of a snowpark starts with the question: “Who rides or shall ride the park in the future?” A good snowpark shall not be defined by the size of the single modules but through the quality and the visitor frequency. Strategic positioning and selection of the perfect park terrain, Mellow can offer years of experience in many top winter sport resorts.

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Terrain Constructions

Terrain construction can save up to two-thirds of the needed amount of snow. Over the years this leads to a significant reduction of costs but also guarantees an early start into each winter season! Do the environmental and legal possibilities for terrain construction exist, it does make sense to take such into consideration. Mellow takes care of the entire terra-forming process.


Planning and building a snowpark are the first steps but without daily maintenance quality and safety can not be guaranteed. A qualified and motivated shape-team is the key for a functioning park project. Mellow offers maintenance-services that reach from personnel training and control-visits to restoration of Snowparks after snowfalls or warm weather periods.