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Park Presentation

In order to give customers a better idea of what can be expected from a freestyle facility, Mellow offers a couple of different formats to present your snowpark, which can be integrated into the resorts website or can be used for PR or advertising activities. The panoramic views are also very well suited for 3D-photorealisitc presentation of a whole resort!


Actual pictures of a snowpark are not only suited to present a park e.g. on the website but can be also very useful for media and PR work. Good pictures should also be found in the resorts/regions print folder.



Moving pictures offer a good park and resort overview but also come in handy when a certain image or lifestyle shall be communicated. Videos can be used on the resort’s website or on web 2.0 platforms (Youtube, Facebook etc). 



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Panorama view

This form of park-presentation is not only suited for showing a Snowpark but also for 3D photorealistic illustration of an entire resort/area. The spectator is able to move freely in the captured terrain. Panorama views can be integrated into park and tourist board websites.



3D Illustration

We offer different formats e.g. static park maps that can be adjusted by the customer without big efforts and make sense if the park changes throughout one season. Also available interactive formats; both for online usage!